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My name is Thaís. I am really glad of these weeks we will share, hoping to learn more about other foreign cultures through the English language. This blog is part of ‘GISARTE em movimento’, an educational project on ICTs that I coordinate, and I will share here the results of our partnership with foreign countries in English and Portuguese.

I have a few comments to make about myself. For instance, I am from Brazil, where we only speak Portuguese as our official language. I am an English and a French teacher also graduated in Translation and Law. I work for the local government in Brasília, the capital of my country, where I have been living since I was 5 years old, but I was born in Goiânia.

I have worked with videos in my classes since 2011, but I started attending online classes about educational tools and media in general in 2007. I am developing a project on ICTs, GISARTE, at the high school where I teach English, Centro Educacional Gisno, and at Centro Interescolar de Línguas 1 de Brasília, where I teach French. In 2012 I worked together with the British Council (  Connecting Classrooms Program  ) and the Adobe Foundation ( Adobe Youth Voices ) on video projects and critical literacy.

I attended the PSTDP (  Public School Teacher Development Program  ) at Casa Thomas Jefferson in 2003-2004, and I have taken part in some educational programs from abroad, sponsored by Brazilian Ministry of Education, Distrito Federal Government, American Embassy, Austrian Embassy, British Council and Adobe Foundation since 2012 :

  • I was in Philadelphia, PA, USA, for a BET USA six-week program at Drexel University during January 14th and February 22nd 2013.
  • I was in Krems, Austria, for a month training programme for Government Representatives/Civil Servants from Brasilia at IMC University of Applied Sciences/Fachhochschule during May 18th and June 14th 2014.

Two projects I coordinated were awarded in 2014 :

  • My Culture My Dance, Shree Saraswati International Model Higher Secondary School and my school, Centro Educacional Gisno’s school partner from Nepal, won two awards :  ‘International School Award’ and ‘Best Online Collaboration’.
  • Concurso Vídeo Legal – Brasília, an American Embassy and Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce Award for the best video against piracy, which my school CenConcurso Vídeo Legal – Brasíliatro Interescolar de Línguas ( CIL 1 ) awarded.

I hope this blog be a vehicle to share a little about all these educational exchange programs with you, and engage you in them. You are also welcome to visit our Facebook and LinkedIn pages and talk to me anytime.

Web page:

I will start sharing some information about my country, Brazil, with you. My students will publish here the information they have produced about it, too. We have been working on some international projects on Education since 2012, and we want that our partners and local community can follow them online.

Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope to hear from you here, too…

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