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Despite being a Federal District, Brasília is located in Goiás, a state in the middle western region of Brazil.



The most central of the Brazilian States and the most populous of the region, Goiás presents a landscape of plateaus and chapadões:

  • in the height of the draught, from June to September, the lack of rain makes the level of the River Araguaia go down and brigs up almost 2 Km of beaches, making it the main attraction of the State;
  • at the Emas National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in the municipality of Chapadão do Céu, it is possible to observe the typical fauna and the flora from the region;
  • at the Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park the attractions are the Canyons, valleys, rapids and waterfalls;
  • the historical city of Goiás (  or Old Goiás  ) at 132 km from Goiânia, established in the beginning of XVIII Century;
  • Caldas Novas, with its hot water wells attracting more than one million tourists per year;
  • The city of Pirenópolis, well-known for its waterfalls, colonial architecture and also as the Rio das Almas’ City (River of Souls) – a mystical city, which is today home to various esoteric communities. It was founded in 1727 from a settlement in the Serra dos Pireneus, which expanded with the arrival of the first colonizers who came for the gold easily found in the Rio das Almas. In 1988, Pirenópolis was granted National Historical Heritage status and until today it maintains its 18th Century homes, churches and museums, all nesteled along its quartzite stone streets.

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A little about me… Um pouco a meu respeito…


My name is Thaís. I am really glad of these weeks we will share, hoping to learn more about other foreign cultures through the English language. This blog is part of ‘GISARTE em movimento’, an educational project on ICTs that I coordinate, and I will share here the results of our partnership with foreign countries in English and Portuguese.

I have a few comments to make about myself. For instance, I am from Brazil, where we only speak Portuguese as our official language. I am an English and a French teacher also graduated in Translation and Law. I work for the local government in Brasília, the capital of my country, where I have been living since I was 5 years old, but I was born in Goiânia.

I have worked with videos in my classes since 2011, but I started attending online classes about educational tools and media in general in 2007. I am developing a project on ICTs, GISARTE, at the high school where I teach English, Centro Educacional Gisno, and at Centro Interescolar de Línguas 1 de Brasília, where I teach French. In 2012 I worked together with the British Council (  Connecting Classrooms Program  ) and the Adobe Foundation ( Adobe Youth Voices ) on video projects and critical literacy.

I attended the PSTDP (  Public School Teacher Development Program  ) at Casa Thomas Jefferson in 2003-2004, and I have taken part in some educational programs from abroad, sponsored by Brazilian Ministry of Education, American Embassy, British Council and Adobe Foundation since 2012. I hope this blog be a vehicle to share a little about all these educational exchange programs with you, and engage you in them. You are also welcome to visit our Facebook and LinkedIn pages and talk to me anytime.

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 I will start sharing some information about my country, Brazil, with you. My students will publish here the information they have produced about it, too. We have been working on some international projects on Education since 2012, and we want that our partners and local community can follow them online.

Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope to hear from you here, too…

Welcome! – Bem-vindo(a)!

Brazilian flag

É com muito prazer que eu convido você a participar do blog do Clube de Inglês (site: http://thaislobojunqueira.googlepages.com/clubedeingles) !

Este projeto tem por objetivo iniciar os estudantes de inglês no fascinante universo dessa língua. Este blog é mais uma ferramenta que usaremos para fazer contato. Nosso propósito é que aqui vocês compartilhem suas experiências virtuais com a língua inglesa.

Eu espero que vocês possam encontrar nos posts e nos links um incentivo para desenvolver mais esta habilidade profissional: a de comunicar-se em inglês!

Enjoy this famous Brazilian song:

Chega de saudade – Tom Jobim and Vinícius de Moraes (with translation)